Sketchfab & 3DPrinterOS partner to bring thousands of 3D models to users, adds Facebook Sharing feature

Sketchfab & 3DPrinterOS partner to bring thousands of 3D models to users, adds Facebook Sharing feature

Jun 24, 2015 | By Simon

As we start to see an increase in various platforms that aim to make the 3D content creation and sharing experience easier than ever before for both beginners and professionals alike, we’re also starting to see more collaborations between companies to make these experiences even better.  

Among others, 3DPrinterOS – considered by many to be the standard operating system for 3D printing – has announced that they are partnering up with Sketchfab to add multiple new features into their 3D printing platform.  

As a powerful search engine and sharing platform for 3D content, Sketchfab has been an indispensable tool in the toolkit of schools, universities, small businesses and Makers alike.  In addition to an extensive 3D content library, Sketchfab has been actively developing their sharing features and is considered to be the “YouTube for 3D content” in terms of how easy it is to share 3D files on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook as well as on other websites.  

Along with other new features, the partnership between 3DPrinterOS and Sketchfab will bring the Sketchfab to Facebook application in 3DPrinterOS and users will now be able to share their 3D models from directly within 3DPrinterOS to Facebook.  Currently, there are already over 34,000 files and counting in the 3DPrinterOS platform and users will now be able to browse and share that content directly from within a Facebook feed.    

“We had the chance to try 3DPrinterOS at the NYC 3D Print Show and we were amazed by the quality of their solution and their fast growth. They are building the first 3D printing operating system and we’re excited that they have chosen Sketchfab to bring a social dimension to their platform, “ said Corentin Metgy, Head of Business Development at Sketchfab.

Since it was launched earlier this year, 3DPrinterOS has become a go-to platform for users of all skill levels needing to manage, edit, fix, slice, share, and print objects from any web-enabled device.

Currently, Sketchfab just raised another $7 million in Series A funding led by FirstMark Capital to help 3D content creators to help share even more content.  The company is also expected to see a surge of interest when more virtual reality experiences that highlight 3D content are released later this year.    

“The ability for users to access and share 3D printable content is essential for widespread adoption of 3D printing. Adding Sketchfab’s leading content database and viewing engine into 3DPrinterOS makes it easier for someone of any skill level to turn an idea into a physical object and share it with the world,” said John Dogru, CEO of 3DPrinterOS.

Whether the 3D content creators pick up on the new features or not, it’s clear that both 3DPrinterOS and Sketchfab are certainly looking towards the future of making it easer than ever to share 3D content creations.